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Professional Carpet Cleaner Murrieta CA

Carpet Cleaner Murrieta

Things like dirt, dust allergens, human, and pet hair hide in the fiber of your carpet, making it essential to clean your carpet regularly. Cleaning your carpet on our own might save you a few coins. However, you should consider professional cleaning services at least once or twice a year to extend the life of your carpet. We specialize in exactly that.

At Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, we are a carpet cleaner in Murrieta, best known for our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Furthermore, we offer full-service carpet, rug, floor, and upholstery cleaning services. Our low-moisture cleaning process gets rid of all stains making your carpet look new again. Our team is always prepared to help customers, regardless of whether they need monthly carpet cleaning services or professional cleaning services before an event. We are locally owned and operated carpet cleaner in Murrieta CA, making our services more dependable and affordable.

How Does DIY Cleaning Ruin Carpets?

Ideally, carpets should be professionally cleaned. However, most homeowners alternate DIY cleaning with professional cleaning to save on money. DIY carpet cleaning will involve a lot of time and hard work, and can never be as effective as professional cleaning. Also, DIY cleaning will damage your carpet in the following ways:

  • Over-Shampooing

Over-shampooing happens when the carpet is not adequately rinsed, or too much shampoo was used. With most DIY approaches, over-shampooing is inevitable.

  • Over- Wetting

Over-wetting happens when the bottom of the carpet absorbs too much water. Most backing up materials cause the carpet to discolor when they get too wet. Other carpets will shrink and tear themselves on the floor when overly wet.  It is also difficult to dry the backing up material once it gets wet.

What are the Signs That a Carpet Needs Cleaning?

A thorough cleaning is all your carpet needs to look and smell new.  Your carpet might require professional cleaning if any of the following applies:

  • It Has Been Over a Year Since it Got Cleaned

Even if you do not spill liquids or wear shoes in the house, your carpet collects dust and dirt that should be removed regularly. It’s advisable to professionally clean your carpet at least once a year, especially if you have kids and pets in the house.

  • Experiencing Allergic Problems

It might be time to get your carpet cleaned if your indoor allergic reactions are getting worse. Walking or even sitting on your carpet disturbs the allergens in the carpet making them circulate in the air.

Things to Do Before A Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are various things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of each professional carpet cleaning. Do the following to save time and prevent accidents when the experts arrive:

  • Remove light furniture. Professional carpet cleaners will avoid moving furniture since they are not licensed to do it. This makes it your responsibility to ensure that all furniture is moved safely.
  • Protect your wall. Apply high-quality painter’s tape to protect the areas that the cords and hoses will be rubbing.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Hire us to clean your carpet professionally. At Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, we are the leading carpet cleaner in Murrieta CA offering competitive rates. Call (909) 856-5353 to book us now.

Carpet Cleaner Murrieta
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